Saturday, October 17, 2015

Everything I know about Jenkins - Part 2 - Test drive

In this post, I will list simple steps to start Jenkins and play with it for the first time.


1. Windows, Mac or Linux operating system or virtual machine
2. A recent version of JDK installed. Verify by executing 'java -version' on the command line.


Download the latest jenkins.war file from


1. Start Jenkins as a java app by executing 'java -jar jenkins.war' (In Windows, you may need to open command prompt as admin)
2. A message stating 'Jenkins is fully up and running' shows up eventually.

Access the front end

Open http://localhost:8080 in a browser and you should see the front page of Jenkins. Authentication is disabled by default.

Create your first Jenkins job

1. Click on 'New Item' on the list of links on the left.

2. Enter the job name, select 'Freestyle project' and click ok.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the job configuration page displayed, click 'Add build step' and select the step that applies to the operating system where the jenkins.war file is running.

4. echo "Hello World!" and click save

5. Build now - to run the job

6. First successful build - click on the blue icon next to #1 under 'Build History'

7. Verify the output

You've just built your first Jenkins job!