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@Vagrantup from scratch - Day #1

A friend got himself a brand new Lenovo ThinkPad. He wanted to create new virtual machines to play with Puppet, Docker and other tools. Here you go buddy. We will start with some best practices. Best practices I recommend these best practices so that it will be easy to find all virtual machines you create, save disk space and you'll be ready to go in an instant when you want to do something new.  Workspaces Keep all your vagrant workspaces in one folder. I keep mine in c:\workspaces\vagrantWorkspaces because I have workspaces for Eclipse, Visual Studio and others. Surely do back up this folder frequently. Tracking Maintain an excel file or Google Spreadsheet file with a list of all virtual machines you create to reuse and wish to keep. Packaging If you wish to package any of the virtual machines as .box files, store them outside the workspace folders. Keep your workspace small so it is easy and quick to backup. Naming convention Choose a naming convention, so