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A @trello board to get kids excited

My 8 year old just started his summer break. He did so well in school and I am proud of him. He skipped second grade, got into the gold honor roll in every quarter and got a medal for doing that. Last night, I promised to install a new app for him on his iPad mini. I installed Trello and created a board for him while he watched. I showed him how to create cards, add labels to them and move them from To Do, to Doing to Done. I had him create some cards and label them. He could not stop creating cards. I could not convince him to go to bed after that. He created cards for everything he wants to do in the summer and he is not done with creating cards. He even created a card to email a screenshot of his Trello board to his teacher.

Later last night, he was still awake in bed when I checked on him. He told me that he wanted to add three more labels - Math, Science and One-on-One. He wanted a label titled 'One-on-one' for tasks that he wants to do with me and he wants one-on-one att…
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My Infographic Resume

#Infographic Tech Resume

I had heard of 'Infographics'. I had seen them on, like the one below, which is one of my favorites.

I wanted to make one or more infographics for showing quarterly updates. I like this one from Facebook about their open source contributions for the whole year in 2016.

So, when I made time to look into creating infographics on my own, I searched the Google-sphere and found a bunch of articles about tools for creating infographics. One of the good ones I came across is this - 8 free tools for creating infographics. I was intrigued by the number of options and features available on all these tools. But, the one topic that got my attention is 'infographic resume'.

Wait, what? Infographic resume? Really? How would it look like?

Yes it does and apparently it is quite a popular thing out there. Here's mine and I had a great time making it on I was even able to edit on my little iPhone 6 using Canva's iOs App.

For now, I created it as three separa…

Sound bites from 'The Phoenix Project' novel

The Phoenix Project is such a riveting story. Being a software developer, it resonated so well with me. Even if you are not a software developer, there is something to be learned from this book. This book shows how important it is to be honest, have integrity, faith, encourage risks and continuously improve in small but meaningful steps. The principles learned from this book can be applied to any industry, process, organization and even relationships.

I have a few quotes when I was done reading the book.

Automation creed If it can be done once, it can be automated for future occurrences. 
If it needs to be done more than once, it must be automated.
People before process. 
Feeling of being in control is an illusion. Let go of that feeling and breathe because you can still succeed when you succeed as a team.

Four types of work Business projectsBusiness initiativesTypically tracked by the project management office

Create #VirtualPrivateCloud, NAT Instance and NAT Gateways on @AWSCloud

Create a Virtual Private Cloud, NAT instance and the new NAT Gatweay ... and making it all work.
This is a YouTube playlist of three videos.

Cheat sheet to create a #VPC and Subnets on @AWSCloud

One of the critical things to remember for working with a AWS VPC is creating and using it. I had hard time remembering how to do it, so, I wrote down a cheat sheet for myself. 

If anyone wants to follow along, just navigate to the VPC page on the AWS Console and start with 'Create VPC' button. Please note that this may cost some dollars if you are not on the free tier. If you are on the free tier and make mistakes, it may cost some dollars.

In the steps below, we will be creating the following on a new VPC: An internet gatewayOne public subnet with routes for accessibility from the internetOne private subnet without any routesOne EC2 web server with Apache installed in it and serving a sample html page - using the public subnet.One EC2 server with the private subnet and security group that allows access to resources running on the public subnet only.  Create VPCName tag: myVPCCIDR Block: default (Must have default. Otherwise, it will get very expensive quite f…

#AWS Developer Notes - Part 1

Region is geographic area.
Each region has availability zones - different data centers.
Edge Locations - CDN end points for CloudFront.
AWS Platform
1.0 Networking VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) Virtual Data Center in your AWS account. Logically separate network.
Direct Connect A way of connecting into AWS environment without using an internet connection. 
Route53 DNS service. 53 is the default DNS port.

2.0 ComputeEC2 Virtual server provisioned in a few seconds or minutes.
EC2 Container Service Scalable fast container management service to manage and run Docker containers.
Elastic Beanstalk Easy to use service to deploy and scale apps and services. Designed for developers to upload their code and beanstalk will inspect the code and provision the resources underneath. (Covered in detail for DevOps exam)
Lambda Most powerful AWS service. Lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. Pay for the compute time only. Pay only for execution time.
3.0 StorageS3 Object based storage. Place …

Trying @teamcity for #ContinuousIntegration - Part 3

In part 1, we looked at how to install and create a simple build job in Teamcity. In part 2, we looked at how to create an agent and run a build on the agent.

In part 3, we will look at how to build a Maven Java project. We already added the project to the build job in part 2, but we did not configure the build step to actually perform the compilation using Maven.

Auto detect build steps It is as good as it sounds. I clicked 'Auto detect build steps' and the build step was automatically created to perform a 'maven clean test'.

Check the checkbox in the table and click 'Use selected' to add the build step to your build job.

Observe the 'mvn clean test' step in the table.

Run the build job Run the build by clicking the 'Run' button at the top of the page. A live status and percentage of completion is shown on the project view.

Edit the maven goals Click on the 'Edit' link on the maven build step row (second column from the right).

Change &…