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Jenkins quick setup on @Nitrous

Want to quickly setup Jenkins on the cloud? Try this on See a prior post about setting up on for basics of how to get started on if required and then come back here. Advantage: If you want to experiment with something new on Jenkins before you run it in a production environment, this will get you going quickly. If you mess up, just re-install in and start over. Step 1:  Copy the installation commands from this Jenkins-ci page - to a shell script in the IDE and run the shell script. You could just run them in the command line if you choose. Step 2:  View Jenkins in the browser by previewing port 8080 as seen in the screenshot Jenkins will show up on a new browser window. It works! 

Learning iOS development on @MacinCloud

I have been wanting to learn and develop iOS apps or a while. The price of a good developer's Mac was a little unreasonably high and I am quite sure I am not ready to switch over 100% to a Mac anytime soon. I found and their pricing is very reasonable. I didn't want to own a Mac, I didn't want to spend a lot of cash, but I wanted to use a Mac for a few hours a day just to learn iOS development. just worked out fine. I signed up for the $20 per month service to access a real Mac (not a Virtual Machine) for three hours a day. The device they gave me is a high end Mac Mini with 16GB of RAM and preloaded with all the popular app development tools and platforms out there, including XCode, PhoneGap and a lot of others that I am not even familiar with. Google drive and Dropbox are already installed and so is Chrome and Firefox. Save all your data in Google Drive or Dropbox, share with your team or move your content to your personal laptop. Too many