Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Docker Deep Dive on Camp Pluralsight - A good experience

Docker is a great tool that allows IT teams to build, ship and run their application in a single reusable container. I found out after I took a course about Docker on Pluralsight.com.

In the last six months, I switched from building my own Virtual Box VMs to Vagrant and I was thrilled. I could not stop talking about Vagrant. I use Vagrant for building my own little development environments and I shared one of them with my team.

Ravi Kalaga has been telling me great things about Docker. I tried to set it up on my Windows 7 laptop, but I was struggling to make it work over the corporate firewall.

Along came, Camp Pluralsight. I was already reaping benefits of having a Pluralsight subscription through my employer and I had taken three courses (alright, I didn't finish two them) on the site before this camp came along.

Yes, the possibility of winning an iWatch did appeal to me in Week 1. The rest of the prizes, Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016 and a gift card for some strange place I have never heard of, did not appeal to me. But, the real attention grabber was this course - Docker Deep Dive by Nigel Poulton.

Here's what I liked most about the course:
1. I could follow along side by side with the Mr. Nigel.
2. I was able to understand every detail he discussed throughout the course. There were some aspects related to networking that I was not familiar with, but he explained it so well, yet briefly that I was at ease.
3. Most of all, I was so engaged in the course that I could not wait for my family to get to bed at night, so I could continue the course.
4. I can now make new containers for my team and rock on with Docker.

Here's what I like most about Pluralsight:
1. Great courses (of course) available for levels beginner to advanced.
2. Video and audio quality is excellent.
3. iPhone app is awesome. I could view the course on my commute.
4. The most important feature of all - speed of video. If there is a topic that I already know, I did not want to skip it because there is always a tidbit to learn on such topics. So, I increased the speed of the video to 1.5x and skimmed through the section.

Here's what I would really like from Pluralsight: Courses to help prepare for popular certifications.

I do appreciate the Docker course. I loved it. I am now officially a fan of Docker.This week, I started taking a course on RESTful web services with Jeresy.