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#Infographic Tech Resume

I had heard of 'Infographics'. I had seen them on, like the one below, which is one of my favorites. I wanted to make one or more infographics for showing quarterly updates. I like this one from Facebook about their open source contributions for the whole year in 2016. So, when I made time to look into creating infographics on my own, I searched the Google-sphere and found a bunch of articles about tools for creating infographics. One of the good ones I came across is this -  8 free tools for creating infographics . I was intrigued by the number of options and features available on all these tools. But, the one topic that got my attention is 'infographic resume'. Wait, what? Infographic resume? Really? How would it look like? Yes it does and apparently it is quite a popular thing out there. Here's mine and I had a great time making it on . I was even able to edit on my little iPhone 6 using Canva's iOs App . For now, I cre