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Let things be what they are

Neil deGrass Tyson said something very important and profound on his podcast show ' Star Talk Radio ' in the 'Cosmic Queries: Gravity' episode. I am writing it down here because I want to keep this handy. "There is no reason to think that gravity does not also have a quantum manifestation of itself because everything else has a quantum manifestation. We know based on how matter manifests in small sizes that it could reveal itself as a wave or as a particle depending on how you measure it and under the circumstances at which you conduct the experiment." "It is a very human thing to say, is it this or is it that? Is it a planet, is it not a planet? Is it less filling or great taste? Is it gum or is it candy? These are false psychotomies. Somethings can be both. But, our language requires that it fit into one word or another. What we are not recognizing is that it is not a fault of the object or the concept. It is a defect in our language." "

Old and new - 2000 to 2015

I dropped off my family's primary car, a 2011 Subaru Legacy, for a repair and picked up a rental car. They gave me a 2015 Toyota Corolla S. My other car is a 2000 Corolla (without the S).  The car felt as big as my Subaru and it had some features that I liked. The ride was zippy and comfortable, turns were smooth and air condition was good. I had a good view to both my sides when I needed to switch lanes. The seats were stiff and I feel they could have been a lot more comfortable without adding cost. The look of the car could have used a little more creativity. I tried the sport button on an open stretch of road and loved it. The car just took off. There was a rear camera that popped up when I switched to reverse. Parallel parking was a breeze.  The was Bluetooth integration with my phone took less than 30 seconds to setup and start streaming pandora. Seamless integration and usability out of the box. Now, that is cool. 

Salty cupcakes

When your home made muffins with candied fruit turn out to taste too salty because you used too much baking powder ... You break it up, add pistachio ice cream, some blueberries, some fig jam and some whipping cream to make it awesome. @AdityaInapurapu