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Old and new - 2000 to 2015

I dropped off my family's primary car, a 2011 Subaru Legacy, for a repair and picked up a rental car. They gave me a 2015 Toyota Corolla S. My other car is a 2000 Corolla (without the S). 

The car felt as big as my Subaru and it had some features that I liked. The ride was zippy and comfortable, turns were smooth and air condition was good. I had a good view to both my sides when I needed to switch lanes. The seats were stiff and I feel they could have been a lot more comfortable without adding cost. The look of the car could have used a little more creativity.

I tried the sport button on an open stretch of road and loved it. The car just took off. There was a rear camera that popped up when I switched to reverse. Parallel parking was a breeze. The was Bluetooth integration with my phone took less than 30 seconds to setup and start streaming pandora. Seamless integration and usability out of the box. Now, that is cool. 

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