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#AWS Developer Notes - Part 1

Region is geographic area. Each region has availability zones - different data centers. Edge Locations - CDN end points for CloudFront. AWS Platform 1.0 Networking VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) Virtual Data Center in your AWS account. Logically separate network. Direct Connect A way of connecting into AWS environment without using an internet connection.  Route53 DNS service. 53 is the default DNS port. 2.0 Compute EC2 Virtual server provisioned in a few seconds or minutes. EC2 Container Service Scalable fast container management service to manage and run Docker containers. Elastic Beanstalk Easy to use service to deploy and scale apps and services. Designed for developers to upload their code and beanstalk will inspect the code and provision the resources underneath. (Covered in detail for DevOps exam) Lambda Most powerful AWS service. Lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. Pay for the compute time only