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#AWS Developer Notes - Part 1

Region is geographic area.

Each region has availability zones - different data centers.

Edge Locations - CDN end points for CloudFront.

AWS Platform

1.0 Networking

VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

Virtual Data Center in your AWS account. Logically separate network.

Direct Connect

A way of connecting into AWS environment without using an internet connection. 


DNS service. 53 is the default DNS port.

2.0 Compute


Virtual server provisioned in a few seconds or minutes.

EC2 Container Service

Scalable fast container management service to manage and run Docker containers.

Elastic Beanstalk

Easy to use service to deploy and scale apps and services. Designed for developers to upload their code and beanstalk will inspect the code and provision the resources underneath.
(Covered in detail for DevOps exam)


Most powerful AWS service. Lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. Pay for the compute time only. Pay only for execution time.

3.0 Storage


Object based storage. Place to store your flat files in the cloud. Secure and highly scalable and only pay for storage that you actually use.

Cloud Front

CDN. Integrates with other AWS products like S3. Different edge locations around the world to cache your files.


Secure, durable and low cost storage solution. Anything stored in Glacier can take up to 4 hours to access it. It is good for long-term storage.


Elastic File System - file storage for EC2. Necessarily NFS. Block level rather than object level.


Amazon's import export service. Your hard disk can be sent to AWS and it will be loaded into AWS cloud physically.

Storage gateway

Service connecting an on-premise VM with cloud based storage to provide seamless integration between on-premise data center and AWS.

4.0 Databases


Relational Database Service - MySql, Oracle, Postgresql, MariaDB


Important subject for the exam. Amazon's NoSQL database service with push button functionality.


Caching your most popular queries in the cloud using in memory caching service - MemcacheD and Redis.


Business Intelligence service. Data warehousing. Solutions architect exam - very important. Little for Dev exam.


Database Migration Service - Migrate from legacy based databases like Oracle to RDS using MySQL or other open source technology.

5.0 Analytics


Elastic Map Reduce - A way of processing big data.

Data Pipeline

Move data from one area or service to another. 

Elastic Search

Deploy, manage and scale Elastic search in AWS. Not covered in dev exam.


Platform for streaming data on AWS. Every time streaming is mentioned in the exam, it always refers to Kinesis.

Machine Learning

Use machine learning. Not required in the exam.

Quick Sight

Business Intelligency service. Like Cognos. Visualizations, ad-hoc analysis. Not in the exam.

6.0 Security and Identity


Control users, groups, roles, password rotation, dual authentication etc.

Directory services

Need to know different types of directory services. Needed for the exam.


Allows to install agents on your EC2 instances and it inspects your EC2 instances to suggest security. Not required for Dev exam.


Web application firewall service. Not in the exam.

Cloud HSM

Hardware security module. Not in dev exam.


Key management service. Little bit for dev exam.

7.0 Management Tools

Cloud Watch

A monitoring tool for AWS environment.

Cloud Formation

Script your infrastructure. Important for DevOps exam.

Cloud Trail

Used for auditing to record changes made to your environment.


Configuration management service using Chef. Needed for Dev exam.


Fully managed service for config history and change notifications. Not in dev exam.

Service Catalog

Create and manage a catalog of IT services. Not in dev exam.

Trusted Advisor

Automated service to scan your environment to suggest ways to save money and secure your environment. Needed for dev exam - what is it capable of and not capable of doing.

API Gateway

Allows developers to create, manage, maintain and secure APIs. Not covered now in dev exam, but can change.


AWS's version of XenApp. Stream your windows applications from the cloud. Not on the exam.


Manage and scale search solution. 34 different languages. Higlighting and geospatial searches. Not covered in exam.

Elastic Transcoder

Media transcoding service in the cloud. Converts from source format to different formats used for mobile, web etc. Needed for exam.


Email service. Integrates with other AWS services. Needed for exam.


Decouples your infrastructure. Needed for AWS. First AWS service launched by AWS.


Simple Web Flow service. Developer can build and scale background jobs that have parallel or sequential steps.

8.0 Developer Tools

Not in exam yet.


Private scalable git repos.


Automates deployments to any instance including EC2 instances or on-premise. Not in exam.


Continuous Delivery service builds, deploys services and apps everytime there is a code change.

Read FAQs before going to exam. Not in exam currently.

9.0 Mobile Hub

Not in exam.

Mobile Hub

Build, test and monitor your mobile app.


Allows to save mobile user data in AWS cloud. No backend coding. No need to manage infrastructure.

Device Farm

Testing your apps against real smart phones and tablets in the AWS cloud.

Mobile Analytics

Measure usage, revenue, new vs returning users etc.


Big topic in the exam. Amazon's simple notification service. 

10.0 Enterprise Applications


Virtual desktop in the cloud.


Secure enterprise sharing service. Dropbox for the enterprise.


Amazon's answer to Exchange. Not in exam.

11.0 Internet of Things

Not in exam.

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