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Cows behind my house

Green grass and cows grazing - signs of spring.

Getting started with @PuppetLabs - Part 3 - Puppet Forge

Puppet Forge is an official PuppetLabs repository of modules written by the community. Modules available in Puppet Forge can be installed from command line. At the time of writing this post, there are 105 modules that are published by PuppetLabs in Puppet Forge and several other vendors and contributors. Let us try the Maestrodev/android module . Notice the OS compatibility list in the screenshot. Step 1: Virtual Machine with Puppet client Setup a new VM or a Vagrant box with an OS from the list of OSes supported by the module. I executed this on a Ubuntu box. Android SDK takes up a lot of space. When the module is applied on the Ubuntu box, it will fill up the 5GB free space allocation. You will not be able to do anything more with this VM after installing Android SDK. Install the Puppet client from command line. Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install puppet -y RedHat/CentOs: yum install puppet -y Step 2: Install the modoule Run the following command