Friday, June 17, 2016

A @trello board to get kids excited - continued

This is a continuation of the previous post titled - A trello board to get kids excited. At the time of writing this post, the previous post had 198 page views. I wish people commented. I did get some positive feedback on Twitter. The Trello twitter account re-tweeted my tweet and also sent out a second tweet advertising the page. Thank you very much. I hope a lot of parents and kids benefited and had fun as a result.

Trello people: Idea - How about a 'Trello Kiddo'? Perhaps you could offer that to schools that give iPads for each kid to take home with them. Get them when they are young.

When a kid does something religiously, regularly and feels great about it and can't wait to tell everyone about it, you know you've done well as a parent. We realized that we needed a separate column to keep track of 'Special accomplishments'. Positive reinforcement that you can see with your eyes!

Some parents feel like they haven't done enough for their kids, particularly during summer. I always felt that. But, not anymore. If we think of an abstract topic to talk about, we make a card for it right away and make it a point to look up that information later.


The special achievements column makes my son feel great. He doesn't realize how good that makes ME feel. Now, the summer seems too short. So much to do and so little time.

A birds eye view.

Friday, June 3, 2016

A @trello board to get kids excited

My 8 year old just started his summer break. He did so well in school and I am proud of him. He skipped second grade, got into the gold honor roll in every quarter and got a medal for doing that. Last night, I promised to install a new app for him on his iPad mini. I installed Trello and created a board for him while he watched. I showed him how to create cards, add labels to them and move them from To Do, to Doing to Done. I had him create some cards and label them. He could not stop creating cards. I could not convince him to go to bed after that. He created cards for everything he wants to do in the summer and he is not done with creating cards. He even created a card to email a screenshot of his Trello board to his teacher.

Later last night, he was still awake in bed when I checked on him. He told me that he wanted to add three more labels - Math, Science and One-on-One. He wanted a label titled 'One-on-one' for tasks that he wants to do with me and he wants one-on-one attention from me while doing it. A kid is asking for 'One-on-one' time from a parent and he is going to get it, a lot of it.

He got excited when I created these cards for him - 'Learn to assign cards to daddy' and 'Java'. He loves to program but hasn't done any for about an year. He wants to start again.

I used IFTTT service to automate creation of daily tasks like reading, math etc. and these were cards that he created on his own last night.

For the first time, I liked something about the Trello iWatch app. It showed notifications. Otherwise, it is the most non-functional iWatch app I had. It does not show 'Due soon' and 'Recent' cards even when there are a lot of them on my board. It feels great when I see notifications on the iWatch such as the ones below. As a result, the Trello iWatch app is now back on the glances tiles.