Thursday, October 29, 2015

Create a dashboard on is a simple ruby based dashboard creation tool with live updates and high quality graphics that look great on HD TVs. is a free cloud (browser based) Integrated Development Environment (IDE). I use the free package for this demo and that will work out to be adequate for what we are about to do.

We will walk through the steps of creating a new account on, creating and running a sample dashboard on

Step 1: Create an account or login with GitHub account

Step 2: Get Started:

Select 'Ruby on Rails' container

Give it a cool name

Step 3: Select a Plan

I would stick with the free one for this demo.

Step 4: Start the workspace

Step 5: Start the container

Step 6: Open the IDE

Step 7: Install dashing gem

Execute the following commands in the console section in the bottom of the IDE.

gem install dashing
gem install bundler

Step 8: Create a new dashboard

Execute the following commands to create a new dashboard.

#Create a dashboard named ai_dash
dashing new ai_dash

#Change to the dashboard directory
cd ai_dash

bundle install

Step 9: Start the dashboard

#Start the dashboard

dashing start 

Step 10: Configure preview port

Click on 'Preview' menu and 'Configure Ports'

Configure workspace port 3030 to forward to container port 3030. Clicking 'Apply Changes' will restart the container with port 3030 configured.

Step 11: Restart dashing from console. Click on 'Preview' -> Port 3030.

Ta da.

Have fun!